Orthotics & Insoles

At Evolution Podiatry we provide a full range of orthotics an insoles, including custom (bespoke), and specialist off the shelf devices.


Common Questions About Orthotics & Insoles

  • 1. What is an Orthotic?

    An orthotic or insole is a device that fits into the shoe that is designed to improve foot function and comfort, often by supporting and offloading painful structures, or improving the function to reduce the amount stress that is being placed through the foot or leg.

  • 2. What are they made of?

    Orthotics come in a huge variety of materials for the shell and covering materials, each material offering different benefits so hence is patient dependant. Commonly used materials for the shell may include polypropylene plastics or carbon fibre.

  • 3. Are they hard/rigid?

    Sometimes,the materials selection & density are dependant upon what the objective for the devices are! Orthotics can be rigid, semi-rigid and also flexible. Other factors that play are role in choice are activities they will be used for, range of motion, & Weight.

  • 4. Will they fit in all of my shoes?

    Essentially no, some shoes cannot accommodate orthotics, often there is an element of trial and error. Especially ladies dress stlye shoes and heels they do not often work, slim-line pitched orthotics are available.

  • 5. Do I need different orthotics for my trainers?

    This is very much dependant on what kind of sports & activities you do. Orthotics for high impact sports maybe different to your everyday ones.

  • 6. What is the difference between Custom & Pre-fabricated?

    A custom device is made following taking a mould of the feet, this is adapted according to your prescription & needs. A pre-fabricated device are quick to get into use, they are made from a standard last, they are available in varying materials, heights, widths etc… they are often used as a great starting point

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Types of Orthotics Available at Evolution Podiatry

  • Custom -everyday
  • Custom -Sports
  • Full range of prefabricated
  • Children’s
  • Cushioning
  • At Evolution Podiatry, we will assess your child focusing on development and using expected patterns, providing treatment where necessary, striving to provide a smooth transition as development continues.

  • At Evolution Podiatry we take the to time assess in detail your feet and legs to try and establish the underlying cause for the nature of pain or discomfort, evaluating your alignment, movement and function looking at current activity levels and aspirations , to develop a treatment plan tailored for you.

  • At Evolution Podiatry we take the time and are dedicated to addressing your foot problems.

  • I went to see Stuart as a last resort after seeing many other professionals for the pain in my big toe joint, I had a walking holiday coming up, he listened to me and took the time to assess me and explained what was happening, following changing my shoes and orthotics, I walked miles almost pain free.

    - Jane, Teacher

  • I have had many foot problems over the past 5 years, and each time I go, Stuart takes the time and effort to patch me up, and gets me going again.

    - Tobi,