01 Overview

We offer custom 3d printed sandals, these are great for when you cannot wear your orthoses/insoles.As they are custom made and 3d printed we design tailored to you.

02 Details

How are they made?

Our custom 3d sandals are made in the way that our orthoses are made, following assessment of your feet. Based on the findings we can plan on the structure and function of the sandal. This may include extra cushioning incorporated within the heel, or increase the depth to provide stability or more support in the arch.

A 3d scan is taken of your feet this is sent to the lab for printing.

The sandals are available in many colours and options.

How long to they take to make!

We currently recommend a 3 week turn around, however, if you need them please let us know and we can arrange.

Want to know more please get in contact!

Call us on: 020 8962 0635

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