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Fact; from birth to 1 year a child’s lower limbs grow on average a massive 10cm, following this it grows on average a further  17cm until the age of 5.

Here at Evolution podiatry, we will assess your child, focusing on development and using normal variants, providing advice and treatment were necessarily aiming to provide a smooth transition as development continues, aiming to reduce long-term issues.

From birth until the commencement of growth, the lower limb has to undergo significant changes.

6-8 months: Sits with support.
9 months: Stands holding on.
10 months: Pulls to standing.
12 months: Walks with assistance.
15 months: Walks unaided.
18 months: Runs.
2 years: Goes up and down stairs without assistance.
2.5 years: Jumps. Walks on tiptoes.
3 years: Stands on one foot (few seconds). Goes upstairs 1 foot per step, comes down 2 feet per step.
4 years: Hops. Goes up and down stairs like an adult. Heel and tiptoe walk.
5 years: Skips.
7 years: Balance on one foot for 20 seconds.

Common Conditions Seen

  • Flat feet
  • in-toeing
  • Muscular aches & Pains
  • Verrucae & Warts
  • Sever’s/Kohler’s/Freiberg’s

Here in the clinic we can undertake a gait assessment, development and consider family history and look at normal developmental milestones. Much of the time treatment is focused on monitoring.

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