Swift for Verrucae & Warts

Patient Information: Swift for Verrucae & Warts

What is Swift treatment?

Swift is a new and exciting technology used to treat verrucae and warts within the clinic.  Swift uses microwave energy to cause localised tissue destruction and treatment of verrucae and warts.

Microwaves have been used in healthcare for over 30 years for the the treatment of cancer.  Swift uses very low energy levels when compared with other electromagnetic energy forms.  

The Swift  microwave treatment is only capable of supplying enough energy to agitate water molecules and cause friction as opposed to damaging DNA. It delivers less energy to the skin than most laser and electrocautery treatments.

What is a verruca or wart?

Warts and Verrucae  are lesions on the skin that are caused from the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

The virus can only survive in the top layer of the skin (epidermis), so does not infect tissue beneath, and does not have roots.

Verrucae can present in many different ways from singular deep lesions to mosaic patterns and clusters. They are typically found on the sole of the foot and toes.

There are different strains of HPV, and depending on the strain this determines the appearance.

How Swift works- The technical stuff...

Swift works by applying microwave energy to the verruca or wart increasing the tissue temperature to create precise localised cell destruction.

As the microwaves travel into the infected tissue, water molecules begin colliding and creating heat energy. This leads to destruction of the infected tissue within a predetermined depth.

Once treatment is completed the healing cascade begins.  The treated tissue is quickly replaced, repaired and regenerated.

9 Benefits to having Swift over other treatments

1. Treatment is quick with only mild discomfort.

2. No requirement for local anaesthetics.

3. No need for dressings or having to keep dressings on for days.

4. Clinical effectiveness 77%. On an average size of lesion treated 5-10mm.

5. 95% of patients would recommend the treatment to a friend.

6. 70% of patients rated the treatment as a 10/10.

7. No adverse events or scarring.

8. Can return to activity quickly after treatment.

9. Has been shown to reduces pain caused from the verruca. 

 Statistics taken from Emblation.co

Commonly asked Questions?

Is treatment painful?

Patients describe treatment like a pin prick.

Can I walk after treatment?

Yes, the site of treatment maybe sore.

How long do I wait between treatments?

Usually 4 weeks are left inbetween treatments.

How many treatements are needed?

Typically 3-4 treatments are the average, it depends how you respond to treatment.

Can it be used on everyone with a verrucae or wart?

It can be used on most patients, those whose immune systems are reduced may require more treatment.  An assessment will be provided prior to treatment and advised accordingly.

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