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3d Scanning has arrived in Clinic
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3d Scanning has arrived at the Portobello Clinic…..

We have introduced some innovative 3d scanning technology recently at the Portobello Clinic, and have been achieving some excellent results.

We now complete a 3d scan of the foot to make foot orthoses or insoles, when trialling this we carefully looked at accuracy and efficiency and compared to previous processes and how we took casts of the feet.

This provides benefits, including time, a scan takes less than 5minutes in the clinic. Once the can is complete the data is then emailed to the lab, reducing turn around. Prior to scanning an impression was taken using plaster of paris, which was time-consuming and messy and took time to dry before being posted to the lab.

Example of an orthosis

We now use this as standard in the clinic.

For more information regarding orthoses and insoles have a look at our Orthoses & Insoles page

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