Paediatric Assessment & Development

From birth until the commencement of growth, the lower limb has to undergo significant changes

  • Periods of rapid growth
  • Motor skills including balance and co-ordination
  • Learning to walk and run
  • Muscular and nerve development

Fact; from birth to 1 year the lower limbs grows on average a massive 10cm,following this it grows on average a further  17cm until the age of 5.


Walking & Running

  • Most children walk by around 15months, this appears unsteady and un-coordinated
  • 18 months dance to music
  • 19-24 months walking may develop to a run
  • By 5 years mastered walking and running, although muscular development is still occurring so and adult style gait is not observed

Every child is an individual and therefore develops at different rates


Common Conditions Seen & Treated

  • Flat feet
  • in-toeing
  • Muscular aches & Pains
  • Verrucae & Warts
  • Sever’s/Kohler’s/Freiberg’s

Here at Evolution podiatry, we will assess your child, focusing on development and using expected patterns, providing advice and treatment were necessary aiming to provide a smooth transition as development continues, aiming to reduce long term issues.

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  • At Evolution Podiatry, we will assess your child focusing on development and using expected patterns, providing treatment where necessary, striving to provide a smooth transition as development continues.

  • At Evolution Podiatry we take the to time assess in detail your feet and legs to try and establish the underlying cause for the nature of pain or discomfort, evaluating your alignment, movement and function looking at current activity levels and aspirations , to develop a treatment plan tailored for you.

  • At Evolution Podiatry we take the time and are dedicated to addressing your foot problems.

  • I went to see Stuart as a last resort after seeing many other professionals for the pain in my big toe joint, I had a walking holiday coming up, he listened to me and took the time to assess me and explained what was happening, following changing my shoes and orthotics, I walked miles almost pain free.

    - Jane, Teacher

  • I have had many foot problems over the past 5 years, and each time I go, Stuart takes the time and effort to patch me up, and gets me going again.

    - Tobi,